Heavy rotation is a newly-launched and irregularly scheduled series of sneak peeks at what’s currently playing on a loop at the mighty WAVE headquarters.

Whether the song is right up your alley or not, A$AP Ferg and Tyga truly hit it out of the park with numerous hidden details (some more so than others) in their newly released video for “Dennis Rodman”.

From different iconic Rodman– and Bulls-specific highlights like the fully horizontal loose-ball dive or a post-championship champagne celebration, the video has got these moments down to a tee, including an appearance by the legendary Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt.

However, Tyga clearly takes the cake for his impersonation of John Michael Wozniak, Michael Jordan’s mullet-wearing security guard, who reached cult status over night after an appearance in The Last Dance earlier this year. Tyga even nails the shrug.